6S On-site Management

6S On-site Management

 ****Digitization Of Processes Tracking System

Manage the whole manufacturing data from production schedule to wire drawing ,stranding and cable forming,compare incoming and outgoing warehouse date,calculate the attrition rate and waste wire in real time.

***Digitization Of Warehouse Management Platform

NANKE ERP system integrates all the data from production,marketing and storage,including sales management, procurement management , production planning management, material organization management ,warehousing management, cost control management...ect.

***Intelligent Sales Order Management Platform

Set up the system to manage the internal production batch data, from raw material to finish product, all the processes of manufacturing machine, producing time,QC...ECT can be traceable. Let the customers or dealers check the product information immediately by scanning the Qr code.

***Increase Digital Operation Management Platform

This system is a pragmatic foundation for enterprises building Brand Name products from ordinary products. Enhancing the soft power, it helps enterprises analyze and share information from many individual systems,it also makes enterprises datainformatization and intergration.

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