Cable manufacturer tell you 3 ways to choose wires


    Choosing wires is very common in our daily life, and the quality of wires is related to electrical safety. But do you know how to choose wires? The types of wires are mainly divided into single stranded hard wire and multi stranded soft wire, and their advantages and disadvantages are also different. Single stranded hard wire, also known as BV wire, is relatively inexpensive and easy to connect. Multi stranded flexible wire, also known as BVR wire, has a large contact area, fast heat dissipation, is not easy to break, and is more durable. In ordinary home decoration, it is recommended to use single stranded hard wire for the main line buried in the wall, and multi stranded soft wire for the branch line. The cable manufacturer teaches you three methods to select good wires.

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1.When purchasing wires, the first thing to check is whether there is a product logo with National Compulsory Certification (GB) on the packaging or certificate of conformity. At the same time, the certificate of conformity should also include information such as trademark, factory name, address, specifications, length, rated voltage, execution standards, and inspection qualification, and the printing should be clear. Cable manufacturers remind everyone to carefully choose product suppliers when purchasing wires and cables, and to purchase large brands of wires and cables that meet national standards through legitimate channels. Do not choose inferior products for cheap reasons.

2.Observe the insulation layer and copper core. The cable manufacturer reminds you that high-quality wires have bright and glossy insulation layer colors, uniform thickness, good flexibility and elasticity, and the copper core is tightly wrapped by the insulation layer, which is not easy to rotate. A good insulation layer will have low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant and other properties, making it safer in the event of a fire. Meanwhile, the copper core should be made of oxygen free copper, with a reddish color and a soft texture; Yuejiaxin Company uses 99.99% high-purity oxygen free copper production, with no obvious impurities and a glossy finish.

3.The size and flexibility of the wires are also an important basis for judging their quality. When purchasing the wires, we can measure them. Yuejiaxin promises that the quality of the wire to meet the standard requirements, the quality is guaranteed.

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When choosing a wire brand, we need to pay attention to its quality, word of mouth and service. As a well-known domestic wire brand, The company has won the trust of consumers with its excellent quality and perfect after-sales service.

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