Fist-class tesing equipment

Fist-class tesing equipment

 QJ36智能型直流电阻电桥QJ36 Bridge type dc resistance test.jpg

QJ36 Bridge type dc resistance tester

绝缘电阻测试仪 Insulation resistance test system.jpg

Insulation resistance test system

平板硫化仪-2Platen velcanizing press.jpg

Platen velcanizing press

伸长率测试仪 Conductor elongation tester.jpg

Conductor elongation tester

数显氧指数测定仪Digital oxyen index tester.jpg

Digital oxyen index tester

液晶数显拉力试验机Tensile testing machine.jpg

Tensile testing machine

直流电阻电桥测试仪 Bridge type dc resistance tester.jpg

Bridge type dc resistance tester



偏芯率检测Rate of partial core detection.png

Rate of partial core detection


DJ-1Dielectric strength tester and PC40B High insulation resistance tester

YN22051曲挠二三轮试验机YN22051 Flexural testing machine-1.jpg

YN22051 Flexural testing machine


Air ventilation climatic chamber


Low temperature test chamber


Single wire and cable burning terster


Withstand voltager tester


Density tester

YUEJIAXIN Wire & Cable takes innovation as the foundation for company development, and increases its investment in R & D every year. It is a practice base for many universities in technology research and development, especially in developing new technologies for optimizing the formula of materials for special wire and cable, structure designing research on special wire and cable...etc. In the past three years, there have been 21 R & D projects, 10 of them was commercialized to scientific and technological achievements, the technologies applied to wire & cable production, products were widely used in machinery, transportation, communications, electric power and other industries. The technologies reach the National leading level.


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