No pain, no gain--The 2024 Yuejiaxin Company Annual Conference Successfully Ends


Say goodbye to the unforgettable 2023 and welcome the new 2024. On January 22nd, Foshan Yuejiaxin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) held an annual meeting with the theme of "no pain, no gain". Chairman Liang, Director Guan, General Manager Liang, and all employees gathered together to celebrate the evening party.


At this annual meeting, the company's employees fully utilized their talents and performed various exciting programs, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere on site. In addition to exciting performance segments, there are also lucky draws and game interactions, where many employees win big prizes and return with full loads.



     Looking back on 2023, we have been continuously learning and growing together with enterprises; Looking ahead to 2024, let's continue to work together and strive to achieve the company's goals. We look forward to achieving better results together with the company in the new year.

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