• Cu/PVC/STA/PVC Electric LV Cable

    Cu/PVC/STA/PVC Multi-Core (2-Core~5-Core) VV22
    600/1000V Stranded Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated, Steel Tape Armoured, PVC Sheathed, Power Cable

    This cable is primarily used for main power supply. It can be installed in ducts, on cable trays, on cable ladders and in cable trunking. The armoured cable is ideal for ground emplacement if a higher electrical or mechanical protection is required.
    PVC-Insulated Cables are widely used and have a long term permissible operational temperature of up to 70°C. These cables have perfect bending properties for easy installation and maintenance.

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  • KVV22 CU/PVC/STA/PVC Multi-core Control Cable

    Cu/PVC/STA/PVC Multi-Core KVV22
    450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Steel Tape Armoured PVC Sheathed Control Cable

    Control cable is primarily used in supervisory electrical equipment and station control circuits in light ordinary or heavy duty industry where power distribution device is needed to transmit control signals or measure signal operations.

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