IEC60754 Cable

  • IEC61034-4 IEC60754 MGT Cable

    CU/MICA/XLPE/LSZH Multi-Core(2-Core~5-Core) WDZ*N-YJY
    600/1000V Stranded Copper Conductor, MICA Tape Fire Barrier, XLPE Insulated, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Sheathed Cable

    In addition to advantage of a LSZH Flame Retardant Cable where there is low smoke emission and no toxic gas is released, LSZH Fire Resistant Cable also ensures that critical electrical installations such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, emergency lights, sprinklers, public address systems continue to perform their functions in a fire event.
    The key difference lies in an added fire insulation for such cables, Simsheng LSZH Fire Resistant Cables have been engineered and tested under the most stringent conditions and are certified to conduct electricity for at least 3 hours at the temperature of 950°C.

    It can be use in such kinds of places as subway, tunnel, nuclear power station with special demands of property of flame retardant, the density of smoke emission and toxic index when cable gets burning.

    *Flame retardant cable is classified as Class A, B or C. Amongst the 3 class , Class A is the best in aspect of flame retardant.

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  • IEC60754 IEC61034-2 Single-Core Cable

    Cu/XLPE/LSZH Single-Core WDZ*-YJY
    600/1000V Stranded Copper Conductor, XLPE Insulated Unarmoured, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Sheathed Cable

    When LSZH material is used, the cable is deemed a high security cable. In the event of fire, these cables emit little smoke and no toxic gases, thus protecting pubic health and avoiding possible damages to electronic equipment. It is there fore highly recommended for use in public places such as underground passenger systerms, hospitals, schools, museums, airports, bus terminals, and petrochemical plants...etc.

    The main feature of the flame retardant cable is hard to get fire or that the continous burning of cables is very limited when it is on fire. It applies to the places with special demands for flame retardant property.

    *Flame retardant cable is classified as Class A, B or C. Amongst the 3 class , Class A is the best in aspect of flame retardant.

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  • BS6387 IEC 60754 China Cable Manufacturer

    Stranded Copper Conductor Mineral Isulated Copper Sheathed High Tension LSZH Sheathed Cable

    Stranded Copper Conductor Mineral Insulated Aluminium Sheathed High Tension LSZH Sheathed

    Mineral insulated cable is a kind of cable in which copper conductor core is wrapped with copper sheath and magnesium oxide powder is used as inorganic insulating material to isolate conductor and sheath. The outermost layer can choose appropriate protective sheath as needed. Commonly known as MICC or MI cable.

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