ZC KVV Cable

  • Flame Regardant Unarmoured ZC KVV Cable

    Cu/PVC/PVC(FRT) Multi-Core Z*-KVV
    450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Flame Retardant PVC Sheathed Cable

    Control cable is primarily used in supervisory electrical equipment and station control circuits in light ordinary or heavy duty industry where power distribution device is needed to transmit control signals or measure signal operations.
    The main feature of the flame retardant cable is hard to get fire or that the continous burning of cables is very limited when it is on fire. It applies to the places with special demands for flame retardant property. Flame retardant cable is classified as Class A, B or C. Amongst the 3 class , Class A is the best in aspect of flame retardant.

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