Love life, love nature - Guangdong cable manufacturers participate in hiking activities


Recently, Guangdong wire and cable manufacturer - Foshan Yuejiaxin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. organized its employees to participate in a hiking event held in Baini Town to cater to the corporate values of loving life.

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Although the weather is not beautiful, everyone's enthusiasm remains undiminished. At 8:30 am, about 20 employees from the company gathered at the company gate and set off for the event's departure location. This event starts from the Dragon Boat Square in Baini Xijiang Park and returns to Baini Shawei Village, with a total length of 6 kilometers. Through this activity, the employees have established an awareness of health and actively expressed that they will continue to participate in hiking activities next year to improve their physical fitness.

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Yuejiaxin Company was founded in 1999. It is a Guangdong wire and cable manufacturer that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service, specializing in the production of wire and cable products. Its main products include power cables, control cables, electrical equipment cables, household cables (CCC wires), mineral material cables, pre branch cables, etc. With rich production experience, it creates the highest quality products, and with a high-quality sales team, it creates high-quality products A comprehensive range of cable products.

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Guangdong wire and cable manufacturers believe that life and work are like practice. As long as you have a clear goal and persevere towards it, you will definitely succeed. This hiking activity is closely aligned with the company's values, which not only enhances the team spirit of the company's employees, but also allows them to enter nature, love nature, and thus love life more.

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